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Should I email her - Future boss

Posted By Anonymous on Feb 17, 2013 at 6:51AM

Hello everyone,

I have been pondering this for couple of days now and has been really stressful. 

I did an internship last summer as part of my course at a company and I loved it there, it was such a fantastic place to work and the people were amazing. Before I left they said they would love to have me back after I gradaute ( I graduated in Dec 2012)

Th VP of the company was viewing my profile thrice on three different days last week (I didnt know what to make of it) on wednesday she emailed me asking if I am looking for work and a position will be opening up in the near future.  I emailed her back saying as a recent gradaute I am actively looking for a position and how it was an absolute pleasure interning at the company and would love the opportunity to start my career there and what is the next step. The next day another senior person viewed my profile.

Now I see the position posed on the company's website, I dont know if I should apply for the position and then email her my resume and cover letter (Not sure if this is a good idea what if this is an internal hire and she doesnt want it going through HR) OR should I email her on Wednesday saying I saw the job posted on the website and wondering if its the same job she was talking about and if I should apply (also attach my resume and coverletter)

I dont know what to do about this since this is my dream job and dont want to loose it

Any help is appreciated.

Should I quit my job???

Posted By Anonymous on Feb 6, 2013 at 9:46PM

I've been working at a company for 3 years and I mainly work there for the experience. Money was never a priority. Lately, my boss told me that the company was losing profit and she asked me to not come to work until whenever she lets me know. At that point, all I wanted to do was quit but I didn't. Instead I waited for about a month because I wanted to maintain the rapport with her for a rec. This morning I got a text from my boss saying that I can come back this Saturday. Last week when I texted her asking if I'm on the schedule this month, she said and I quote "I don't know yet but I'm guessing it'll be worse than January since it's the end of the fiscal year. March will be likely." So I did not expect them to call me back this quickly. I had already made another commitment for this Friday. My boss didn't take it very well and she said I have to work because no one else is able to cover it. She also said that I have to request day off 3 weeks in advance even if I'm not scheduled. I just don't think it's fair and I feel very manipulated. I really want to quit and I don't need that letter of rec anymore. Do you think I should quit? If so, how should I go about it?
Thank you so much for your time!

How to act/behave with my American boyfriend?

Posted By Anonymous on Oct 24, 2012 at 12:17AM

hi there, i came from a different culture, and i live in america now, i have met this guy and we been dating for two weeks , then he asked me to be his girlfriend and i agreed we like each other a lot despite the difference between us ! he used to be a marine, and fight in Iraq! i'm Iraqi and was there during the war, i usually hate the military and blame them for what happened to my country, and he used to hate Muslims, after all what he saw during the war! but we ignored all this, and try not to talk about political because we never agree, what we feel for each other is stronger than anything else, i see him almost everyday cause we go to the same college!

my problem is this is for the first time i be with an american guy!! i need help about how american guys think? how to deal with them, cause the culture here is very different, also until now he didn't say "i love you" so why is that ? he is a very good guy, he knows there's will be a lot of risk for being with me but he says i don't care i will always be at your side, he asked me to go with him to the marines ball but i refused cause i'm not sure how i would feel about this! so i really need tips to help me to be closer to him, and show him that i care about him, what american guys expect from their girlfriends?

P.S i"m 20 years old, and he's 25
also i need you opinion do you guys think our relationship will work?? i really will appreciate every advice.....thank you

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